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Songs of the Mist by Shashi


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About The Book

The story of the Song of the Mist revolves around several characters, where everyone is in pursuit of something in their lives. It has Ayan, an Indian scientist at Geneva, who drops everything in the search of the monk of his childhood dream; Calliope from Vienna, who had fallen in love, and finally finds him living in Rishikesh; Vashudha, a celebrity singer from Mumbai, who had drifted apart, and now after decades wants to know if she really needed him. They all converge to Rishikesh in their search for an answer. And they did find Ashutosh - the Yogi; Anishka - a newly ordained yogini and the mysterious wandering Monk of Himalaya

With everyone having a distinct motive in life, the story then gradually reveals the reason behind everyone’s pursuit and brings in clarity to their thoughts; a state of self-realization and divinity. The book also features some brilliant conversations between Ayan, Ashutosh and the Monk in the backdrop of Himalaya in which the distinction between science and spirituality; love and pain; life and living is beautifully brought out by the author. The last instances of the book, where all the people who had and still loved Ashutosh meet and some hidden truths bursts forth, which then gradually lay the foundation for the next book in the series, leaving the readers wanting for more.


What Readers Say

"Songs of the Mist has a mellifluent melody, a soul of its own, the freshness of a dewdrop which you only notice when it glistens through the first rays of sun on a winter morning. Overall, Shashi’s first book is a masterstroke…If you wish to travel to Benaras (as I know it), experience Kushinagar (Place where Gautam Buddha attained Nirvana) and follow the trail in the snow of Himalayas (without being there); if you wish to re-discover yourself looking for some answers in your quest for divinity, this is the book which will do that for you...
It is a mesmerizing, captivating saga of discovering your inner self in simple, easy to follow language of love, loss, pain, agony and ecstasy! There is a little bit of Ashutosh in each one of us – so most of us would relate to him. Between page 31 to 60, you will pack your bags, tie your shoe laces and join Ashutosh on his journey through the wilderness of Himalayas, in search of ‘answer’, the divinity, and the elusive Monk…
With each page, this books grows on you…the characters become more endearing, the journey looks more picturesque and the plot thickens…which in the end leaves you wanting for more!
With the help of Ashustosh, Vasudha, Anishka, Ayan, Calliope, Kayka and the Monk, Shashi has crafted a gem…
People who follow Robin Sharma, Paulo Coelho…they have yet another choice now!"


"This book give you reason why it is a different experience to read a book rather than watching a movie. Author Shashi has written every scene with such a beauty that it feels like you are actually present there. This book is like a journey which started with quest of spirituality and in the end blow your mind with deeper questions.Among lots of thoughts, one is particularly favorite where Author has questioned advanced society in future where there won't be any need for physical movements and world will interact at conscious level.
I just finished reading once and will read it again."


"As I travel with the monk in the depths of Himalayan valley, heights of Himalayan peaks, I could relate to the sense of uplifting moments and thoughts. A journey that moves through life of heart breaks and pain, has also been a journey of self discovery.The images are true and the lives are living across the day to day of becoming what one can aspire to. I have enjoyed reading about the journey, which apart from taking me to places, also took me in depths of my heart. Loved the simple language and profound thoughts."


"A book about how to fight the mahabharat that everyone comes across in day to day living. And the Divine Song Bhagwat Gita came to life in a fictional world of love, loss and living. By the time I finished reading the book, I felt like I have been traveling with Maha Avatar Baba in Himalaya and finally wanted to sit down in peace and meditate.
What a soulful experience and need to read more. Good thing that Shashi is coming up with another book, as in the end he left me wondering about who is she... And what happens next."


"A beautiful amalgamation of science and scenic beauty of Himalyas and a spiritual journey of a person searching for knowledge. The Author has kept a good pace with story of a person looking for an ultimate answer of Mystic knowledge. A photographic punch is clearly visible of the Author when he describes the Beauty of Himalyas Temple or of a Tribal Girl. Good writing by Shashi in his debut book."

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About The Author

Shashi is a trained engineer, who works as an interior project professional, managing his partnership firm ICUBE PROJECTS. Born in Uttar Pradesh, Shashi studied in New Delhi and has been living in Chennai for around two decades now, though he shuttles around the world on business.

The core theme of this book has been in his heart for over twenty-five years and he has shaped the book with great care. He is a renowned spiritual blogger in India and a prolific writer of the Japanese poetry form – Haiku. An avid photographer, he has shot photos across India's spiritual spots.

This book is his labor of love, and Shashi hopes you will discover the key to your innate divinity once you finish reading the book.

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